4 tools to teach the alphabet to children

Alphabet learning for kids

Learning the alphabet is an important step for children and it goes through different and varied media. During my experience as an early childhood assistant in a nursery, I was able to accompany a good number of children towards language and the discovery of letters. This is done at different paces depending on the children, the periods and the curiosity of each.

Here are four tools to help them learn the alphabet:

  1. songs
  2. Games
  3. Writing
  4. Primers

By following these steps, children can learn the alphabet in a fun and effective way. Good learning !


Songs are a great way to learn the alphabet and make learning fun. Kids love it and adults too! There are many children's songs that teach the alphabet in French, English, Italian, etc. You can find these songs online or in children's books.

Here is an example in French:


You can play memory games, matching games or guessing games that allow children to see the usefulness of the letters of the alphabet in real situations.

letter learning card
Les Incollables - Flash word game

learning alphabet letters
Kit to learn to write Essential
Case of mobile letters
Case of mobile letters


Writing is also important for learning the alphabet. Children like to imitate adults and can practice writing using worksheets or charts. But also by tracing the letters in salt, sand, modeling them with modeling clay or coloring in the coloring pages that you have made available to them.

My Montessori slate

first writing game

First writing games


Primers are visual aids presenting all the symbols of an alphabet, almost always listed in alphabetical order, then followed by one or more words whose first letter begins with the designated initial. In the form of books or posters they can be used to teach children the letters of the alphabet and associate the words that begin with each letter.

dinosaur alphabet
ankylosaurus dinosaur watercolor brachiosaurus dinosaur
Learning to decipher the letters and write them is a slow process that requires patience and practice, but it must all be done in play and in small repeated moments in time. It is also normal when learning to take steps back, ie to forget something that seemed acquired!
I hope these tools will be useful to you if you want to see how I make the illustrations of the dinosaurs I recommend this article: 4 watercolor dinosaur drawing videos .
4 tools to learn the alphabet4 tools to learn the alphabet posters
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