How to make salt paint with children

Salt painting is one of the favorite activities of children, from toddlers to adults. Indeed it is not necessary to know how to draw to make a pretty work of art to display in your room.

First here is a video of the salt painting in action, then below is the step by step tutorial for the activity.

salt paint


  • Cardstock or thick paper (180gr minimum)*
  • Fine table salt
  • white glue
  • Watercolor painting*
  • Paint brushes

* Any rigid surface will do (cardboard, watercolor paper, paper plates, foam board...)

* Liquid watercolors are ideal for this activity, if you don't have any you can make some by diluting food coloring.

Indicative time to make 1 drawing: 30 minutes.


1. Squeeze your tube of glue to draw patterns on the paper

Use your glue to draw a pattern on your paper (or cardboard) support

draw a pattern with glue
2. Sprinkle with salt

Gently sprinkle the salt over your drawing until the glue is completely covered.

sprinkle the paint with salt

Lift the sheet and shake lightly to remove the excess salt. I used a tray to hold the salt and not get it all over the table.

salt paint

3. Add color!

Dip your paintbrush into the liquid watercolor then gently touch the lines of glue covered in salt. Watch the paint move like magic!

coloring aces glue and watercolor

If you wish you can use a pipette or a dropper to apply the paint, be careful in this case not to add too much paint at once.

4. Let dry completely

The drying process can take a day or two and it is interesting to observe with the children how the design changes in the different phases.

Once dry display your work of art!

paint with glue and dry salt

You can use this glue+salt+watercolor technique to draw patterns, write names/words, draw animals, do doodles, portraits and much more!

Salt painting has been a big hit with us, our works are displayed on the wall and it's one of the children's favorite activities.

And you? Have you ever tried salt paint with your kids?


glue and salt paint
paint with glue and salt djangoandcoco

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