calendrier illustré fond écran d'ordinateur gratuit

August calendar and wallpaper

Hello ✨

Yesterday I passed by the park next to the house and the sight of the grass dried by the sun saddened me 😢 fortunately last night it rained suddenly today we breathe again!

And how are you at home? not too hot?

Given the temperatures, I planned a drawing, for the month of August, which for me sums up the essence of summer (let's not forget my Italian origins 😉).

A memory of when I went to get an ice cream with my big brother 🍦💓

kids drawing with ice cream

Besides, I'm back from Italy and I can tell you that I had a great time, I even brought Maya to the café of my childhood to let her taste the best flavors in the world: Pistachio and hazelnut (without exaggeration of course!)

free desktop wallpaper to download

To download and use my drawings as wallpaper (for the phone or the computer) or to print the calendar click on the image:

free phone wallpapers

And as usual if you want to share your wallpapers on the networks remember to identify me: @djangoandcocoshop

Thank you for your support and I wish you a beautiful summer (with a little less heat possibly!).

django and coco posters for curious little ones

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