Custom designs

How's it working?

  1. You send me a message with your idea.
  2. I will answer you with a quote and a deadline.
  3. If everything suits you, you can proceed to payment.
  4. I ask you to send me all the elements necessary to bring me into the universe of the person for whom the drawing is intended (photos, songs, texts, passions, sports, photos of the house, bedroom, car, animals.. .).
  5. I send you a sketch for validation or modification.
  6. Once the sketch is validated I work on the final drawing (and there will no longer be the possibility of making modifications)
  7. I inform you that I finished the drawing by sending you a photo of the result by email (Remember to add me to your contact list!).
  8. I follow your delivery instructions; I can send the drawing directly to the recipient if you wish and add a small card with a note from you (I already did it in Dutch and the recipients understood everything!!).

Attention the drawings are not framed: the choice of the frame belongs to you or to the future owners of the drawing.

Contact me to offer a unique gift, anything is possible!


Look at some examples below:

Custom watercolor drawings and portraits