4 vidéos de dessin de dinosaures à l'aquarelle

4 watercolor dinosaur drawing videos

Welcome dinosaur fans 👋 🦕

I recently finished drawing 26 dinosaurs for the Illustrated Dinosaur Alphabet: One for each letter of the alphabet! 🔤

This illustrated alphabet was a real challenge for me because I had to transport real carnivorous monsters into my world of tenderness and gentleness. 😅 Not easy! But I took up the challenge because I saw around me the immense interest that many children have for dinosaurs and it seemed essential to me to create a collection of drawings specially designed for them.

Here therefore in images and video 4 of these dinosaurs which are part of the Dinosaurs Collection

Take a look behind the scenes of my illustrations thanks to these 4 dinosaurs 😁

D = Diplodocus

watercolor diplodocus dinosaur drawing

N = Noassaurus

watercolor dinosaur noassaurus

P = Panoplasaurus


V = Velociraptor

velociraptor dinosaur watercolor by django and coco
watercolor panoplasaurus dinosaurwatercolor dinosaur drawing

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