DIY Fall decoration with dried leaves

Autumn DIY with leaves
You don't know how to occupy your children during long autumn afternoons?
Here is a creative activity to do as a family to welcome the change of season, talk about it and take advantage of it to motivate the children to take a short walk in nature looking for lovely leaves and branches to decorate the house.


What you need :

  • Leaves that you will have picked up during a bucolic walk with your children.
  • Iron.
  • Branches.
  • A vase.
  • Scissors.
  • Some thread.
  • Paint (gouache) or permanent markers. We used white, gold and silver.
  • A light garland (optional).
autumn leaves creative activity
Step 1 :
Once the leaves have been collected and sorted, they must be flattened. We first tried slipping them into a thick book but it was too hard for Maya to wait so we ended up just ironing them.
Both options work really well, it's up to you to choose the method that suits you best.
After drying/ironing, the sheets must be handled gently because they are very fragile and break quickly.
2nd step :
The creative phase, finally!!
You have to take paint, white gouache type, and draw patterns on the leaves. The paint did not stick too much on our sheets, so we decided to change the medium and use indelible markers such as Marking 2300 from Bic , 4Artist Marker from Pebeo , UNI Posca or any other marker you have at home.
decoration dry leaves
Step 3:
Once the paint is dry you can make the decoration of your choice with the leaves.
We decided to hang them on branches that we put in a vase with a light garland.
Here are some pictures of our decoration:
DIY fall decoration
Decorated autumn leaf
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