Collection "Ballerina"

frame with ballet dancer bear and cactus

I've always loved ballet, I insisted that my mother enroll me, I cursed during rehearsals and I hated my teacher when, for the end-of-year show, she gave a tutu..."RED"? me? ...I HATED red!!!

poster little bear in a dancing tutu

Short explanation: I am a very reserved person and I tend to blush all the time... I manage to blush even on my own, hence the total aversion to red which would have made me look equal to a tomato and not a majestically graceful dancer as I imagined!

I ended up giving up ballet after watching the end-of-year show movie: Reality couldn't come close to my imagination!!

Nevertheless, I still love dancers, tutus, pointe shoes and everything else: so I decided to design a collection dedicated to dance!

little white bunny ballerinaIllustration horse with pink tutu ballet dance

Cat illustration with ballet tutudrawing fox with ballet tutu

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