How to draw an alphabet book with a floral pattern in watercolor

Many of you have asked me to share my work process.
So here is my first article to let you discover my work and everything that happens before the posters arrive at your place 😉
The first step in making this poster was to trace the letters of the alphabet in pencil: They measure 7 cm in height to make it easier for me to draw the flowers later.
I then used masking gum to reserve the white areas, ie the flowers that I wanted to leave white.
I used the Pebeo brand masking eraser that you can find in creative hobby stores or Fine Arts stores.
drawing gum pebeo for watercolor
I then diluted the color, Veritable Emerald Green nº837 from the French brand Sennelier to have three color variations, from lightest to darkest.
After checking that the masking gum had dried well, I applied a first coat of paint to the letters (the lightest color).
I let it dry. ⚠️ Watch out! This is the most important phase! ⚠️
So that the colors do not mix with each other, the watercolor must be allowed to dry well with each layer!
I then proceeded to draw the outlines of the flowers with the darker colors, letting them dry at each stage.
I then scan the design at very high quality and add my logo to be ready to print when you order.
The video summary :
I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes of one of my watercolors!
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