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How does a personalized service work? [Pro example]

What happens during a personalized service?

To answer this question, which you ask yourself before entrusting me with your project, I decided to write an article to show you the different stages of my work. I used as an example the design of note cards that I drew for Aude creator of Babisère , a company based in Grenoble and which promotes creators based in Isère.

When you order a visual, the first step is to discuss with you to know your needs and your desires: If you are professionals, I will ask you more questions about the sector of activity, your customers as well as the end use that will be made of the illustration.

Then I ask the client to send me their logo so that I can get as close as possible to their branding (in terms of colors and brand message). I visit their site and find out about their values.

Logo babisere variants

images @Kangooroad

The design and drawing of the Babisère logo was made by Kangooroad (you can click HERE to visit their site)

After soaking up this different information , I sketch the ideas that come to me in pencil. For Babisère, I immediately associated the brand's values ​​with the idea of ​​a balloon that transports us with them. So I used the B as a support for my character (a girl at the beginning).

I really liked the idea of ​​the bond of tenderness between Babisère's B and the little girl, so I tested different versions.

pencil sketch little girl

baby girl and baisere logo

I then came back to the little girl because that seemed to me to only speak to some of Babisère's customers and so I looked for a little animal to associate with the Balloon.

pencil sketches of baby animals

Little by little the character of the little rabbit took over and I refined his design to offer two versions of cards: One with the rabbit flying away holding the B (as if it were a balloon) and the another by leaning on the circle of the logo to express the tenderness of the brand dedicated to childhood and to the development of local creators.

Here a first version with the use of watercolor and Indian ink pen:

drawing rabbit and heart postcards

Not being satisfied with this version, which I found too hard, I decided to make the drawings only in watercolor, which gave the final result much softer and which was validated by Aude.

rabbit watercolor postcard

watercolor bunny note card

photo note card rabbit for babiere

You will find these cards in your package when you order from Babisère.

I hope this article has been useful to you in understanding my approach; However, if you still have questions, you can visit my FAQ page or my Portfolio . For any question, collaboration or personalized project you can contact me HERE .

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