Creativity and watercolour: Overcoming the fear of the blank page

For a long time I was afraid to draw on the beautiful watercolor sheets, starting a new notebook was a nightmare and I let my new notebooks sit in a drawer for years, well protected in their original packaging.
Does it speak to you? 😄
And yes! We all go through it! And especially with watercolor because it's not so easy to work with it!!
watercolor flow technique
I have for some time adopted a completely opposite technique compared to my usual approach to drawing: I let the illustration appear on the sheet by itself!
Nope! I didn't take witchcraft lessons 😅 I simply decided to let go and, after delimiting the frame of the drawing with repositionable tape (Washi tape or Tesa type), I wet the sheet with clear water and I apply the colors that I have chosen at random, leaving white spaces.
The colors of the watercolor "walk" on the sheet thanks to the water and, little by little, shapes appear.
This is where our imagination does all the work: Depending on the person watching, different ideas arise; For my part, I often see young ladies with wild hair and animals.

🎥 I let you discover all this by watching the video 👀 👇

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creativity and watercolor by django and coco

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