Christmas DIY: Wooden stars

I really like making homemade decorations for Christmas and, in addition to the pleasure of creating something with your hands, it allows you to have a good time with your family.

youtube link wooden christmas star tutorial

In this article, I show you how to make the rustic wooden stars that we made during the workshop that took place during the Marché de la Fabrique Iséroise.

homemade christmas star

Material :

To make your pretty stars you will need:

  • Branches that you will cut into 5 parts of the same length
  • Wool of the color you prefer
  • scissors
  • Scotch tape, Tesa-type masking tape (in a DIY store)
diy christmas material


1. The first step of the realization consists in attaching two branches with the adhesive tape (not too close to leaving the extremities). The first point of your star is ready it will look almost like in the photo 👇
tie branches with adhesive tape
2. You will then tie a knot with the wool (as in the photo below) leaving a piece of the string hanging down: it will be used to tie the knot at the end.
tie a knot with red string and wood
3. Roll up the yarn to cover the tape and tie a knot with the extra piece of string.
wool winder around branches
4. Cut the wool yarn. ⚠️ Be careful not to cut too close but leave 4/5 cm of string, they will be used at the end to hang the star.
5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the other tips (watch the video 🎬 👆 to better understand my explanations).
wrap wool yarn around the branches
6. Once the five points have been decorated, you will choose the one that will serve as a hook and you will tie a wide knot in the string in order to be able to fix it. You will cut the strings that protrude from the other points.
wooden star
And that's it for the realization of this pretty Christmas star, I'm going back to my watercolors now!
➡️ If you prefer to make creations with watercolor read my article to make your greeting cards
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DIY Christmas wooden starhomemade christmas decoration tutorial
diy rustic wooden star christmas
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