Grenoble pop-up store: How I participated in the 2023 edition


This 2023 school year was marked by major events both in my personal life (I said “Yes” to my darling after 16 years of living together) and in my professional life: In fact on September 4 we opened the Boutique de creators with Les Zéphémères and 12 other Isèrois creators.

In this article I explain to you how I came to participate in this wonderful adventure of creating a pop-up store: The steps that preceded the opening and the operation during the opening.

The adventure of the Grenoble 2023 pop-up store

First contact

Last spring I was contacted by Sylvie and Valériane who had discovered my work via Instagram and wanted to meet me to get to know each other and see my work in "real life".

Following our telephone conversation, Valériane came to see me at my workshop and we discussed my background, my way of working, my motivations as well as the functioning of the Boutique and our common commitment to this project.

The Les Zephèmeres association: Presentation

Les Zéphémères is an association created by two friends: Valériane from Perli Pocket and Sylvie from L'arbre à Poulettes . With several years of experience in creation and after having gone through all the difficulties, questions and doubts that business creators encounter, they have given themselves the mission of sharing their knowledge in order to help new creators.

This took the form of two pop-up stores: one in Crolles and the other in Grenoble . In the stores, the association rents the premises and selects the artisans/creators, then everything is shared in order to pool the spaces and create a coherent environment enriched by the different worlds of each creator.


The adventure of the Grenoble Boutique * 2023

The creation of my stand

I spent the summer preparing the stock for the store as well as my stand to have an environment that corresponds to Django & Coco but which is also consistent with the rest of the professionals at my side .

I wanted to create display panels but also offer visitors the possibility of manipulating my drawings. In addition, my idea was to build something that could be dismantled and easily handled so that it could be reused on other occasions (Markets, Shops, etc.). All on a small budget of course !

I made a lot of sketches and finally bought three OSB panels which I had cut in store to the dimensions of 1m80 high by 65cm wide . I collected the scraps to make shelves .

I also recycled wine bottle boxes to make two bins which I painted white: On the first, hung on the central panel, I painted my Django & Coco logo with gouache and the other with floor is simply white... but that will perhaps change, we'll see!

Once installed in my living room I decided to add wooden bins from Ikea in order to give customers the opportunity to rummage in search of the poster that would capsize their hearts and to give a little volume to my stand. I am delighted with the end result. Here is a video of the final result: SEE

The 2023 creative team

The beauty of a designer boutique lies in the diversity of creations and the energy that each participant brings. So I present to you the 2023 team: We took this photo after setting up the Boutique and just before the opening 🌟

artisan creators in grenoble

And here are the links to discover everyone’s work:


Results after almost a month of opening

The boutique opened on September 4, 2023 at 10 rue de la République in Grenoble, 13 creators present their work there from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. until January 13, 2024.

This is the first time that I have participated in an adventure of this type and I am delighted: The preparation of your stand in line with the other creators, the layout of the premises, the organization of the schedule, the hours allow you to creating a synergy between the different creators and a dynamic of support and sharing was quickly established.

In addition to being a showcase for each of us, the store also allows us to meet and exchange ideas between creators and with customers. People who visit us can chat with the creators, ask us about our way of working, place an order or even give us new ideas!

So ! I will probably do another post to take stock of the adventure but for now the results are very positive and I am delighted to take part in this adventure and to meet so many wonderful people. It also feels good to work in a team because often we creators, artists, illustrators work alone in our workshop.

And you? Have you ever attended a designer boutique? Do you know of any stores like this near you? Tell me everything in the comments!

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