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"When you buy a design from a small business, a real person does a little dance of joy"

woman dancing small business

I wanted to thank you for supporting my small creative business. I put a lot of energy into my work and it is important to me to share the joy that drawing brings me.

I strongly believe in the importance of art and creativity in life.

Whether it's for children : By making them aware of artistic practice or by showing them artists, works that we love or simply by hanging one of their drawings on the wall, we show them that there are infinite possibilities. expressions, representation and interpretation of life.

Or for adults : Creativity makes it possible to find solutions in a constantly changing world and art gives a means of expression to our inner universe, too often forgotten in adulthood.

Like all small entrepreneurs, I spend a lot of time building my dream from scratch, with all the risks, challenges, doubts and sacrifices that entails.

watercolor woman and dog grenoble illustration

That's why, when you buy one of my posters, when you leave a comment, share one of my videos or tell your friends about me, you're supporting the work I devote to Django & Coco.

illustrator djangoandcoco with wooden frame in her workshop in Grenoble

Because behind every small business there are people, we put all our passion into our creations, we create communities, we offer services, advice, we support each other, we create links.

dream fairy illustration

Because we are passionate people we care about others and share with you the color of our dreams 🌈💕 🎨

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Salut je suis Alison ♥

Je suis Alison illustratrice de tendresse, spécialisée dans l'aquarelle et l'enfance. Je dessine des portraits personnalisés, des abécédaires ainsi que des tendres affiches pour la décoration des chambres des enfantes.