Easy Christmas watercolor tutorial to make your greeting cards

The Christmas atmosphere is finally starting to be felt 🎄 and especially in Grenoble you can see the snow-capped mountain peaks

To get in the mood I decided to share the steps of creating a series of my Christmas watercolors that are easily done without needing to know how to draw!

cover greeting cards watercolor easy tutorial

So? Want to try making your own greeting cards?

👇 Follow the instructions and watch the video 👇


  1. Masking tape ( Washi )
  2. Masking fluid ( Pebeo type)
  3. Brushes (a damaged brush to use the masking liquid, a large flat brush , a size 6 watercolor brush or other depending on the size of your drawings)
  4. Water
  5. Watercolor (extra-fine Sennelier for me)
  6. 300gr watercolor paper
  7. Silver and gold pens ( FABER-CASTELL Pitt Artist type)
  8. White gouache
After cutting your paper to the desired size, you can follow the step-by-step tutorial to make your watercolor greeting cards:

    watercolor masking liquid greeting card tutorial

    Image 1. I arrange the masking tape according to the desired pattern
    Image 2. I apply the masking liquid (drawing gum - Pebeo for my part)
    modern christmas watercolor with masking fluid and masking tape

    Image 3. For the first tree I chose to make multicolored lines with a slight spacing between them so that the colors do not mix.

    Image 4. For the second tree I use the wet-on-wet technique (see steps 5 and 6) after letting the patterns that I had drawn with the masking liquid dry.

    watercolor wet-on-wet technical example

    Image 5. I uniformly wet the entire surface of the paper that I want to color with clear water.

    Image 6. I apply the different shades of blue by touches, letting them mix together thanks to the water on the paper.

    watercolor with masking liquid

    Image 7 and 8. Once the watercolor has completely dried, I can remove the masking liquid, which brings out the white patterns that I had drawn at the beginning.

    watercolor with masking tape

    Images 6 and 10. I can remove the masking tape.

    easy christmas watercolor details

    Image 11. I added details with markers (silver and gold)

    Image 12. I diluted white gouache paint with water and I made drops by tapping the soaked brush above the drawing to obtain a "snow" effect.

    Here is the result: a pretty unique card to add a sweet word to your Christmas gifts 🎄 🎁💗

    woman opens christmas greeting card

    Image credit Freepik

    🔽 Watch behind the scenes of the production 🔽

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