Cadeau de Pâques :  Fond d'écran gratuit pour smartphone

Easter Gift: Free Smartphone Wallpaper

Happy Easter !

I hope everything is going well on this day and that you are enjoying your friends or your family... or even both!

🌼🌸 To celebrate Easter I decided to give you a sweet illustration that you can use as a wallpaper for your phone 📱

free smartphone wallpaper rabbit illustration

I made this drawing on my Ipad Pro with the Procreate software, I added a watercolor sheet to give it the final texture, I hope you like it and bring you a little sweetness every day in the watching on your phone 🐰🌸💕

easter bunny illustration free wallpaper download

Click on the image to download the drawing


How do I put the wallpaper on my mobile?

  1. Open the Gallery app and select the image you want to use by wallpaper .
  2. Tap the "More options" icon and then select "Set as wallpaper ".
  3. Select if you want to set the image to your screen home, on screen lock or both.

And There you go ! You have installed your lovely wallpaper 😊

    mobile phone with easter bunny wallpaper django and coco
    If you prefer to visualize the whole I made a video, on my I-phone:
    If you like my Easter drawing write it to me in comment ⬇️ and to support my creative business share this post 😀💮🌿
    djangoandcoco easter wallpaperillustration free download-django and coco
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