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April Fools coloring pages


I hope you are well! Today is April 1st and who says April first says April Fools of course ! 🐠 🐠 🐠

django and coco tender posters for children


And yes! April has arrived (already!) and it's snowing here

April 1st is the day children hang fish on the backs of friends, parents, siblings, dogs, 🧐 ...? And the loop is complete 😅

What makes me laugh is the fact that this day is also a day of celebration for adults who take the opportunity to make little jokes (my daughter's mistresses had a blast today!!) and that pleases!!

It was nice to see children and adults playing and making jokes to see the reaction of their "victims" 🤭 It's a bit of an excuse to forget your age and go back to childhood.

So I decided to do coloring to amuse the children (and adults) and I tell myself that finally the weather (it's super cold) is ideal to land at home and color these 4 fish that I drew with love 😊

free coloring pages to print

I therefore offer you these 4 fish coloring pages to download and color with your family, then you can cut them out and stick them wherever you want!

Click on the images to download them!

free school of fish coloring pages fish coloring page to download

fish printable coloring page free coloring fish

Did you like these coloring pages?

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