DIY Spécial Mardi gras - Des masques à colorier (Masques à télécharger)

DIY Special Mardi Gras - Masks to color (Masks to download)

Hope back to school is going well! To keep this holiday spirit a little longer and because March 1st is Mardi Gras, I offer you masks that are easy and quick to make with the collaboration of your children.

We have already tested at home and it kept Maya and her friends busy!


Carnival masks to download

I wanted to share masks inspired by the Carnival of my childhood (yes I grew up near Venice) as well as two animal masks for those who would like something different.

Once the masks are finished, all you have to do is dress up by mixing your favorite disguises or simply by putting on a long cape as the Venetians do.


This DIY is very simple to make: Once the masks are downloaded and printed, all you have to do is give them to your little artists for coloring (and adding details like Maya did).

carnival masks THE DIY
Material :
  • masks to download here: Mask 1 - Mask 2 - Mask 3 - Mask 4
  • 1 sheet of thick A4 paper (I used Clairefontaine 250 gr)
  • scissors
  • markers, pencils or other
  • a cutter
  • a hole punch
  • a rope, string, ribbon according to your desires

SIY masks

Steps :
  1. Download and print the masks.
  2. Cut out the masks with scissors and the eyes with a cutter, pierce the two holes on the sides with the hole punch to be able to attach the string.
  3.  Let the artists color.
  4.  Tie a thread in each hole.

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Nice evening,


DIY Pin Carnival Masks

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