How I Made Matilda's Custom Alphabet

Today I show you a personalized alphabet that I made for the birth of little Matilda in which Polish, English, German, Italian and Spanish are mixed.

personalized alphabet details

How is a custom alphabet order made?


After having placed your order, I am writing to ask you to send me all the elements that you wish to appear in the alphabet:

  • Family members (here Matilda and her parents)
  • Animals (I = Inseparable birds).
  • Culinary specialties "Vanille Kipferl", "Quatre-quarts", "Roozina"
  • Something that represents the parents' countries of origin and where they met: Polska, Deutschland and Washington.

The friends who offered this primer had a precise idea of all the letters and they explicitly asked me to organize the composition of the letters not in alphabetical order but according to their diagrams.

Everything is possible in this phase!


I then send you a pencil sketch to discuss with you, check that I understood what you wanted and that I haven't forgotten anything 🧐 (yes it can happen!)

sketch of a custom alphabet command


If some elements do not suit you or you want to modify something, this is the time to tell me. I rework the drawing and send you a second modified sketch.


Once I receive your validation by mail or other I transfer the drawing becomes final and I will not modify it any more. I transfer it to the watercolor paper and move on to coloring.

custom watercolor alphabet


Once the drawing is finished I send you a photo so that you can see the final result.

I slip the drawing into a transparent sleeve, then into a rigid cardboard packaging and, finally, I send the drawing to the address you give me: At home or directly at the recipient of the gift with a note written on the hand if desired. 🌠

DJANGOANDCOCO custom alphabetpersonalized birth alphabet

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