How I make a personalized family portrait from your photos with watercolors

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I decided to write this article to show you how I make Custom Family Portraits from photos; Welcome behind the scenes of my work!

I make your painting on watercolor paper 325 grams in A4 or 30 x 40 cm format depending on the number of people to represent: Family, friends, grandparents, dog... the choice is yours!

The portraits are unique gifts that participate in the life of the family and which are very pleasing to say about the feedback I have. 😊

In this article I present to you the portrait that I made for a family and which was offered to them by friends at the birth of their second child.

family portrait with children at the circus

Friends sent me several photos of the family and their cat; They told me about the little things that make them unique: their interests, their work, the character of each other, the passions of each so that I could imagine the universe that best suited them.

Thus by exchanging we arrived at this sketch which saw them in a circus atmosphere, embarked on the roller coaster of emotions which is family life. 🎪

custom family portrait pencil sketch

I drew the family members in my style: Indeed I do not make realistic portraits but rather I illustrate the people gently with a bit of naivety.

watercolor family portrait

The next steps consist in transferring the sketch validated by the client onto watercolor paper, then I go over the outlines in pen and finally I go on to color in watercolor. 🖌️🎨

This last step is very long and alone takes several hours.

personalized family portrait details

Here is a video that sums up several hours of work in a few minutes 😅

family portrait behind the scenes video

I hope this article will have interested you and if you have other questions write me in comment or by email. To learn more about family portraits it's HERE .

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