Children's clothing

I collaborated with the brand "Il Gufo" for the design of two collections of children's clothing, here are in pictures:

Christmas tree drawing with teddy bear by alison sadler for il gufo

Il gufo baby pajamas with teddy bear design by alison sadlerChristmas gift set by il gufo with drawings by alison sadler

t-shirt for kids designed by alison sadler django and cocosketch drawing basset for t-shirt il gufo
girl's il gufo t-shirt designed by alison sadlerSketch flower for t-shirt
il gufo boy t-shirt, design by alison sadlersketch of an octopus for boy t-shirt application, brand il gufo
il gufo brand t-shirt, designs by alison sadlerMagic wand illustration by alison sadlerEagle drawing by alison sadler for the brand il gufoil gufo boy t-shirt with alison sadler design
Bear drawing by alison sadler for il gufoboy t shirt il gufo, bear drawing by alison sadler
Squirrel drawing by alison sadler for il gufoIl gufo boy's t-shirt with squirrel design by alison sadler
Drawing purple flowers for Il gufo by alison sadleril gufo girl t-shirt, design by alison sadler